Cameron McNerney is a published writer and professional communicator with comprehensive experience in persuasion and human communication. Over five years work experience in marketing, public relations, and customer service. He is an educated social media user who leverages scholarly research and develops worthwhile content that is purposefully executed.

Critical thinker, Researcher, and Social problem solver

Cameron Cameronempowers consumers to make informed decisions, and ‘crystallizes’ public opinion through engaging content. Cameron’s exceptional writing skills are deliberate, creative, and honest.

  • Deliberate: “Miscommunication damages public image.”
  • Creative: “Retention is vital, since anyone can “bark” to be heard.”
  • Honest: “No amount of good public relations can hide bad performance.”

In 2009, Cameron began his communications career in San Francisco as the Marketing Assistant to the Creative Director of Martin Building Company (a luxury real estate developer). In 2012, he became a Marketing Blogger for CodeBaby, LLC. (a Colorado Springs-base high-technology company) to further promote their public image. Within a few months of the summer internship, Cameron was published as a ghostwriter to the CEO in a Loyalty Management Magazine article (See Portfolio). Since 2013, Cameron acts as Business Development for Red Rake, LLC., an entrepreneurial “incubator” company. His duties include researching and testing potential business ideas to transform them into successful companies!

His slogan “Public be informed and entertained” derives from Ivy Lee (1906), the inventor of modern PR. “To me, the writing mantra is meaningful since I persuade customers through credible content worth talking about.” Over the years Cameron added the words “and entertained” because of his experience in musical theatre. “When I was 17 years old,” he reminisced, “my first job was cast as the lead role within the historic dinner theatre, Iron Springs Chateau Melodrama. My commitment to people (and how messages are perceived) stems from performing 80+ shows, four nights a week, and with no understudy.”

B.A. in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Human Communication (minoring in Media Studies) from the University of Northern Colorado.

Approved member of PRSA (“Public Relations Society of America”)

Cameron is a skillful public speaker whose verbal and writing skills portray professionalism even in high stress situations.

The best way to contact Cameron is by email (cameron@mcnerney.us).



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